Bharadwaj, S., Gera, B., Sharma, P. and Meheboob Alam - Experiments on Round Turbulent Jet with PIV, ACFM Conference Proceedings  (2013)

Sunil Bharadwaj, Meheboob Alam - PIV and PLIF measurements in a buoyancy-driven flow across a horizontal vent. ISPIV (upcoming)- June 18-22, 2017 Busan, South Korea

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Conference Publications 

Bharadwaj S,Vybhav G R,  Meheboob Alam - A method to resolve low velocities in a PIV system using two time-intervals (Submitted- Experiments in Fluids

Bharadwaj S, Meheboob Alam - A study of buoyancy- driven exchange flow across a horizontal vent  (Pre-print)

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