#Giroud "It is when he is not there that we realise just how useful he can be,"

Recently a friend sent me an article featuring interviews from strikers in the world cup winning French squad of 1998. The article was published when Giroud was restored to the starting line-up following a poor showing by France for the first 80 minutes in their match against Australia. After the introduction of Giroud however, a winner followed, thanks to an assist by the big man to Pogba. After the match Deschamps seem to have understood his mistake in not playing the target man. The results were evident when France despite winning by a solitary goal looked better balanced. The French coach never looked in doubt about his best XI since the Peru match.

In the article Giroud was compared with Stephane Guivarc'h, the target man at the 98 world cup, who like Giroud never scored a goal in the tournament, but was instrumental in the home team winning their first world cup. Deschamps, who captained the 98 side, must have seen similar attributes in the two target men. Guivarc'h was chosen ahead of the flamboyant Duggary who on the eve of the world cup claimed ""With Giroud in the France team, Les Bleus will not win the World Cup,". While Guivarc'h saw the merits in starting Giroud, and both his and Deschamps' trust in the striker was vindicated as the French lifted their second world cup.

Giroud is a perennial underdog, always silencing his critics with his performance. From playing non-league football a few years back, to winning Ligue 1, and 4 FA cups to now a world cup winner all best exemplified by a tweet by Arsenal football club.

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