Sunil Bharadwaj

My research focuses on buoyancy-driven turbulent flows. I have performed experiments on exchange flows across horizontal vent and vertical vent (think lock-exchange, only a smaller tank). These flows have implications in natural ventilation and fire-fighting as well as other industries. I use standard experimental techniques like particle image velocimetry (PIV) and planar laser induced fluorescence PLIF. 

Conferences and Workshops

The 12th International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry

June 18-22, 2017

Haeundae Grand Hotel, Busan, Korea


Imaging Particles, Spring School, 

April 4-8, 2016, Erlangen, Germany


14th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics (ACFM-14)

October 15-19, 2013

Hanoi, Vietnam



A video showing reconstructed velocity field (right) using 50 POD modes. Left side of the video is the original velocity field. The flow is buoyancy-driven exchange flow across a horizontal vent. 

A Surface LIC plot of first POD mode of buoyancy-driven exchange flow across a horizontal vent. 

Buoyant flow across a vertical vent/window. These are PLIF images. Notice that the vortex formation happens only at the top interface.